photo by Hallah Karaman


There are many ways in which one may participate in the Gypsy Camp experience. You can be directly involved with several facets of the event itself, or helping us out by spreading the word about what we're doing. Or simply come and enjoy!


Check back soon for information about our next event!

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The Gypsy Camp is a fantastic showcase of acoustic music that is always looking for new artists to bring what they've got. Whether you're a predominantly acoustic band, or want to display a different facet of your sound, drop us a line! We're constantly getting requests from bands to play, so the event's band rosters have begun filling up pretty quick, and at least a month ahead of the next scheduled show.


If you area interested in performing, please send us an email with the following information:


-Your NAME and/or the name of your band-

-HOW MANY of you there are-

-A brief description of your sound and a link to where we can HEAR YOUR MUSIC-



If you're from out of town or out of state, and either happen to be in town for any reason or you're going to be coming through Southern California on tour, this is a fantastic show opportunity that we can certainly promise will be one of the highlights of your musical travels. Get in touch with us and let us know when you're going to be around (MONTH and DATES), and we can work you onto that month's Gypsy Camp. In these cases that are contingent upon an out-of-towner's touring schedule, we will work to schedule the event around when you will be here.



Every month, we bring out all sorts of different art pieces and other odds-and-ends to hang from the trees. If you're interested in displaying your art at The Gypsy Camp, send us an email with the following information:


-Your NAME and/or the name you give your art-

-What type and HOW MANY pieces you wish to show-

-HOW LARGE and HOW HEAVY* are they-



*Weight is a very important detail, as branch strength is a consideration. We don't want your art falling, and we don't want to cause any damage to these beautiful oak trees.



There's definitely a lot of proverbial elbow grease that goes into pulling this off. As you might expect, it takes quite a bit of effort to carry out all the art, the sign and all the musicians' gear to the Gypsy Camp. If you're a kind soul and an early riser, we'd love all the help we can get the morning of the event. With the event kicking off around noon, we're there from 9:00 AM setting up, hanging art and getting ready for the performers and audience to arrive.


In addition, every month we go out the day BEFORE the event to rake leaves and clear broken glass and trash.


If you're interested in helping with any of these things, send us an email.



If you've already been perusing the rest of this site, you can see how much we love documentation. If you took any photos or videos when you attended The Gypsy Camp, please let us know! We want to show this thing from every possible point of view in the 'Evidence' section.


Also, as stated elsewhere, if photography/video is your passion, please use our event as a context and catalyst for that passion.


One thing we're specifically looking for right now is for people with digital video cameras to help us shoot documentary footage. Send us an email if you're interested.



Tell people about this! Not only do we want people to know it's happening and come to it, we want people to know that yes, there is something like this out there. Yes, people are actually banding together and building community around it.

Yes, it's possible to create a spark of magic that roars into a flame of its own once people start seeing the beauty and potential in it.


If you run a website, a blog, a column, a 'zine, a radio show or podcast and like what we're about, let people know about The Gypsy Camp. You have an opportunity to help bring this amazing thing to even more people.


Also bear in mind that while we've started this here, it is definitely our goal to take it beyond West Hills and beyond even California. It's going to take some work to build up to, but we'd like to see The Gypsy Camp start popping up in other corners of existence, then moving onto the next town. You can help make this happen. You can help bring The Gypsy Camp to your own backyard.


Which brings us to...



If you're perusing this website and are not from Southern California, don't feel excluded. Especially if you only live a few hours away. Get up early, make the drive and come join us. You'll be glad you did.


But if you're days and state lines away, fear not! You're actually some of who I'm most interested in talking to. Let's get this going all over the place.


Send us an email.



Most of what goes into pulling off The Gypsy Camp is volunteered time and art made from found materials, but obviously if we had some money to work with, we could make the event even better. Also, with the price of gasoline, we're definitely going to need your help in taking The Gypsy Camp on the road and to your community. You can donate by clicking on the PayPal link below.